Born 1965 in Sao Paolo, Brazil
Lives and works in New York, USA

Works of Oiwa, as though veiled over the surface, attract the viewers’ perspective into the depth of the plane. His interest in social matters, caught at first in newspapers and articles on internet, will be visualized through elaborative research and drawing process. The finished image, sometimes grandiose and apocalyptic, depicts the life and society with his characteristic sense of humor. Born in Sao Paulo, he graduated from Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Sao Paulo University. While working in an architectural studio in Japan where his parents are issued from, he exhibited gradually in artistic events to become an artist. Awarded the grant from Asian Cultural Council and John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, he moved to New York in 2002 where he lives since then. Recently he exhibited in Brazil, Korea and Japan.(ART FRONT GALLERY, Tokyo)