Born 1964 in Niigata, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Naofumi Maruyama stayed in Berlin for a year granted by the Agency for Cultual Affairs of Japan in 1996 and by Pola Art Foundation in 1998. Studying art in era of “the end of painting”, Maruyama was initially interested in Conceptual Art. Yet, he felt discomfort with such concept-based art creation process and ended up the phenomenological way of painting in which idea and creation interact: Staining paint into raw canvas. He started it during his training period at Bunka Fashion College, when he used cloth as canvas. With Staining, a technique often used by American Abstract painters such as Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler, lines in picture blur and fuse together, making figure and ground interpenetrate. Maruyama lets his hands move to paint organic forms which are made of color tone and oozing, expressing his inner world impromptu. (GLOBAL NEW ART TAGUCHI  ART COLLECTION #01」2010, Bitjutsu Shuppan-Sha Co., Ltd.)