The Taguchi Art Collection, which was started by Misumi Group Inc’s founder, Hiroshi Taguchi, consists about 500 worldwide contemporary art pieces (as of Jan. 2020).

Taguchi established “Misumi Art Collection” focusing on American pop art while his serving as the President of Misumi Group Inc., and it became as a pathfinder for future corporative art in Japan. Since then, this private art collection continues to add not only paintings and prints from America but various medium works such as photos, videos and mixed media from all over the world including domestic works of art.

Taguchi Art collection doesn’t hold a particular exhibition space and depending on the request by museums or other organizations we exhibit the exhibition at everywhere in Japan.

Our goals are to contribute to promoting contemporary art through showing the extraordinary works of art.

Hiroshi Taguchi
Hiroshi Taguchi graduated from Aichi Gakuin University’ Faculty of Business and Commerce in 1959. After serving as the President of Misumi Corporation (Now MISUMI Group Inc. which is a specialized trading company deal with mechanical components and metal press components for automated equipment.) from 1969 to 2002, he appointed Tadashi Saegusa, the business consultant, as his successor, and he himself became the Director of the Board. At the same time, Taguchi established M-out Inc. which supports development and growth of start-up business, and after serving as the President for 13 years he became the Chairman of the Board of directors in 2015.

Taguchi Art Foundation

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