Toru Ohtsuki

Born 1973 in Fukushima, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

"“I pursue the aesthetic sense which exists between beauty and fetishism.” He says.

His works are distinguished by coloured decoration and fashionable figures which are depicted realistically in a two dimensional style of painting. His form of painting is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s style which was influenced by the Japonism movement. They seem to echo a form of Japonism revival in the modern age.

Mysterious and attractive women in his paintings are likely to appear in fashion magazines representing symbols of beauty. As in nature, fashion changes seasonally and nature contributes elemental motifs for his work. Women who change and live elegantly are symbol of fetishism for him, resonating with the natural world in their power and beauty.

He achieves dramatic effects in his paintings by traditional techniques, temperament and guilt, creating simmering images. In addition, he adopts rhinestone to add a great sense of modernism to the scene. He was inspired in one instance by an icon which depicts holly on a shiny background. His paintings represent iconography in the modern world. (Gallery TAGBOAT, Tokyo)


The Four Seasons 2010

Toru Ohtsuki