Yusuke Asai

Born 1981 in Tokyo, Japan

ASAI Yusuke (Born 1981, Tokyo) uses various materials. He collects soils and water from the local and creates “Mud painting”, pastes masking tapes like plants and draws, “masking plants” with pen. And he torches white road surface marking materials on the street, "the white line which becomes the plants”. He regardlessly paints outside or indoor. Recently, he gets attentions by rapidly introducing large-scale mud paintings at Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Aomori Museum of Art, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum.

His significant solo exhibitions are, "ASAI Yusuke : Seeds of Imagination, Journey of Soil”(2015), The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Kanagawa, Japan; “yamatane” (2014), Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, USA; "Countless Stories, Living Boldly, Repeat” (2012), ACAC Aomori, Japan.

He is currently participating in major group exhibitions, such as “All Living Things”(2016),Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka, Japan; “Aomori EARTH 2016: Roots and Routes”(2016), Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan; “Setouchi Triennale 2016 (Inujima)” (2016), Okayama, Japan.

Also participated in “HORIZON THAT APPEARS OUT OF THE SLEEPY WOODS”(2016), Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, England; and “CONSTELLATIONS: Practices for Connections/Discoveries” (2015), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan and more. He is young artist comes out big in the near future. (press release from Urano, Tokyo)