Born 1975 in Hyogo, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo

2000 BA Fine Art, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
2002 MA Fine Art, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

Go Watanabe (b. 1975, Hyogo) creates prints and animations with the images of human face and everyday objects around him such as tableware, books, and rooms. Watanabe make 3D files on which he superimposes the corresponding photographic image of the subject.
Watanabe presented new animations for recent exhibitions and art festival including “Cosmic Travelers – Toward the Unknown” (Espace Louis Vuitton, Tokyo, 2012); “Carpe Diem. Seize the day” (Toyota Munincipal Museum of Art, Aichi); Aichi Triennale (2013). In 2013, the artist won the 24th Gotoh Memorial Award (Most Promising Talent Award) and traveled to Finland for a one-year research program offered by the Foundation. In the next year, he was selected as a finalist of the APB Foundation Signature Art Prize and exhibited works at the Singapore Art Museum. Watanabe also participated in a group exhibition “Logical Emotion: Contemporary Art from Japan” founded by Japan Foundation, which travelled to Switzerland, Poland and Germany. Those exhibitions mark his continuous participation in the international art world. ( press release from Urano,Tokyo )