Views of Hotel Well III

© David Hockney / Tyler Graphics Ltd. Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt

David Hockney
Views of Hotel Well III
117.7 x 89.0 cm
color lithograph

English artist David HOCKNEY was born in Bradford, England in 1937. While at the Royal College of Art, with some artists such as Peter Blake, a standard-bearer of Pop Art movement, he joined “Young Contemporaries”, then started to participate in the movement.

While he is currently based in London, it is well known that he was based in Los Angeles for a long time since 1976. His significant work A Bigger Splash (1967), catching one decisive moment when spray flies expresses the refreshed and relaxed feeling of life in the American West Coast.

As we can expect from the title, this painting depicts the well in the garden of Hotel Romano Angeles in Mexico City. The center of the painting seems to protrude in front of us, which may seem strange to those of us who are accustomed to Western perspective paintings. The artist captured the veranda from several angles and stitched them together to create this strange composition.

(Commentary & Translation: Mio Harada)