Born 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico
Lives and works in Mexico City

The work of Carlos Amorales is principally concerned with language and the impossibility or possibility of communication through non-recognizable or un-codified forms: sounds, gestures, and symbols. He experiments at the limits of image and sign, using different media such as animation, video, film, drawing, installation, performance, and sound. His practice engages in various forms of translation, whereby instruments transform into his film’s characters, letters become shapes, and narratives unfold as non-verbal actions. Amorales used his Liquid Archive as the basis for many of his explorations – an archive he generated for over ten years starting in 1998, comprised of shapes, lines and nodes instead of words. Beyond the Liquid Archive, he has developed other alphabets and systems, which he employs to translate texts that range from museum wall labels to short stories. His pieces exist in a world of their own making, parallel to ours, constantly evolving at the same rhythm as their production process.